Henry Danger Personajes



Es una de las mejores amigas de Henry, súper inteligante y sarcástica. Siempre dice lo que piensa y casi siempre tiene la razón. De hecho una de sus frases favoritas es, "te lo dije". Nada se le escapa a esta chica.

Henry Danger

Henry Danger is brought to you by the creator of Game Shakers, Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious and Drake & Josh!

Two years ago Henry Hart landed his part-time "dream job" as Kid Danger, superhero sidekick to Captain Man. A lot has changed since he popped his first super-bubble, but his mission still remains the same: protecting the citizens of Swellview from mad scientists and giant toddlers, all while keeping his super identity a secret! But fighting crime and finishing your homework isn't easy. Luckily he doesn't have to do it alone! He's got an awesome squad to help him solve his super-powered problems. Villains, beware!